A high flying Dutch man from the Netherlands, Virgil is a high-level multi-talented performer with a years of experience in dance, theatre and movement.

A professional international B-Boy who is also skilled in the free flowing style of house dancing, Virgil is also known as 'Skychief' for his ability to  performance high flying acrobat moves.

Virgil body literally moves with the energy of with a dynamic, elastic band, as he has the ability to spontaneously contort his limbs into unbelievably crazy shapes, and moving across stages in unbelievably unpredictable ways.

A member of the international performance stage and breaking crew 'The Ruggeds,' Virgil is adapt in picking up and creating choreography, and has performed extensively in theatre, touring worldwide with the Ruggeds shows 'Adrenaline.' With his crew Virgil has also be apart of the yearly Hip Hop festival 'Breakin Convention,' and performed on NBC's 'World of Dance' talent show.

Confident and calm with spring loaded energy, Virgil always delivers an unforgettable performance whenever he hits a stage.

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