Victor is one of the most successful, high-level, competition breakers  in the world, who still hasn't even reached his prime as a dancer yet.

Hailing from Florida, USA,and having been dancing since he was 6 years old, Victor has an energetic yet free flowing, dance style, in which he makes even the hardest, most spectacular looking moves look effortless and easy.

Victor has amazing skills on all levels, from his freestyle stand up dancing to his smooth, seamless way of flowing between footwork, transitions and freezes on when he really gets down and hits the floor. He also has the ability to hit crazy yet controlled power moves, combined with flips and acrobatics.

A member of the elite, internationally exclusive breaking crew known as the Red Bull BC One All stars, Victor has also won the Red Bull BC One World Finals, making him a  World Champion in one of the most prestigious breaking competitions on the planet.


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