London dancer Shawn is a natural showman. He started performing back in 2000 when he was at theatre school where he studied singing, dance and drama. Shawn then focused on dance and took part in numerous shows before proudly becoming a member of Plague in 2008.

As a member of Plague, Shawn has appeared on BBC3's "Move Like Michael Jackson", in the "Streetdance 3D" movie and in the iconic Michael Jackson tribute stage show "MJ Timeless". He has also proudly danced alongside a plethora of great funkstyle dancers at "Breakin' Convention" to honour the legendary locking originator Greg Campbellock Jr.

Shawn specialises in funkstyles (popping and locking). With his innate groove, flavour and strong performance skills, it is fitting that Shawn also teaches these styles, providing the next generation of dancers with the opportunity to learn from one of the UK's finest and funkiest dancers.


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