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Pro-Motion is a brand new animation dance concept featuring an elite collective of the UK's very best popping and animation dancers. With the popularity of dubstep and electronic music, Pro-Motion was created to showcase futuristic choreography. Having already performed alongside music legend, George Clinton, as well as performances at the inaugural Baku European Games Ceremony 2015 and the 2016 Olivier Awards, Pro-Motion are already building a strong reputation on the global dance scene.

Founded by Rob Pountney of ProDance and headed up by Plague choreographer, Brooke Milliner, Pro-Motion is a six strong team of unique streetdancers who all specialise in different aspects of the popping dance umbrella in styles such as waving, tutting, robot and boogaloo. Much of the choreography features illusionistic movements and intricate musicality and it is easy to appreciate the high level of skill and technical ability within the group.


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