Height: 5'7" | Chest: 39" | Waist: 30" | Inside Leg: 31" | Collar: 15.5" | Shoe: 6UK

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Mostef  is a boundary pushing, innovative movement artist, constantly creating new ways in which to express his dynamic talents.

Unique in look and style, Mos Def is a fearless performer with years of experience executing high flying jaw dropping stunts.  He is also a creative street performace artist with a seemingly endless array of tricks, and a wild imagination where he sees the world as his playground upon which he showcases his Parkour like way of using his environment.

Mos def is also a talented B-Boy speacialising in power moves, the most dynamic and visually impressive aspect of breaking.  This reflects his desire to constantly move in ways that challenge people's expectations of what the human body can do.

He has a wide level of experience, working in commercials, films, doing billboard advertising campaigns and theatre shows.

Whether he is flying through the air with his acrobatic skills, spinning or propelling his body into motion while being upside down on his hands, Mos Def is a high energy dancer and performer.


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