Lil Amok

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Lil Amok is one of the most deathifying, fearless dancers you will ever see, who lives by the words, "Hard and Impossible are two different things."

He is a daredevil B-Boy famous for constantly striving to create unbelievable, awe-inspiring, high risk dance moves that usually combine acrobatics with dynamic breaking power moves.

One stunt he is famous for was when he turned himself into a human fireworks display by attaching fireworks to his ankles, lighting them, and then spinning and jumping upside down, from hand-to-hand, doing the breaking power move called, 'air flares', as the fireworks shot and whirled from his ankles into the air.

Amok has experience as a seasoned stage dancer in modern dance theatre productions, and is also an affiliated member of the international, breaking performance crew from Germany, called 'Flying Steps.'

A performer who feeds off the spotlight, Lil Amok doesn't just leave audiences speechless, he has made it his mission to always do so.


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