Height: 5'10" | Chest: 38" | Waist: 31" | Inside Leg: 33" | Collar: 15.5" | Shoe: 8UK

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Chris is a multi-talented dancer with layers of experience and a vast toolbox of impressive skills.

He has a smooth, spontaneous and explosive style, having the ability to go from moving dynamically on the ground to suddenly flying through the air, in the blink of an eye.

Having trained at the Doreen Bird College of Dance, Music, and Theatre Performance, Chris is skilled in street dance, breaking, ballet, jazz, musical theatre, and contemporary dance.  He also is a skilled tricker and acrobat who has done shows for well-known companies such as Sportfiy.

As a competitive B-Boy, Chris is a member of the young, upcoming, London breaking crew, the Gully Squad, and has won dance competitions as a member of the championship hip hop dance crew, Phototype.

Experienced in picking up choreography, performing shows internationally, and modelling, Chris knows how to always deliver.


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