Neguin is one of the most memorable dancers you'll ever see perform.

A multi-skilled dancer with years of experience in breaking, capoeira, house dance, martial arts, tricking and acrobatics, when Neguin performs he radiate the confidence and energy that he gets from his Brazilian roots.  Spontaneous, with a high-level of precision and control, Neguin loves to hold an audience in the palm of his hand by moving with blitzing speed and power in one moment, transitioning from dancing on his feet, to flying through the air, and then suddenly coming to an intense stop, still showing character and personality even when he is standing still. 

Neguin is also a high-level competitive B-boy who has won the prestigious Red Bull BC One solo World Championship, and is a member of the internationally famous, exclusive breaking crew called the, Red Bull BC One All stars.

As a performer Neguin has a various array of experience, doing shows in capoeira, dancing on tour with Madonna, and performing in the UK musical theatre show, 'Blaze.'

An international teacher and competition judge who is skilled and experienced in choreography, Neguin brings his unique and unforgettable confidences to every stage he steps on.


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