Salah Benlemqawanssa

Paris, France

SALAH is the definition of the word 'entertainer'. He is a hip hop dance icon who is adored by millions of fans across the world.

SALAH has been a huge influence in the recent popularity of hip hop dance culture. He is one of the most watched dancers on the planet with massive Youtube popularity. He has proved to world that street artists can be genuine superstars.

A dancer of his calibre makes you remember them forever. It is no coincidence that, since his debut in 1998, he has a list of achievements so long they could fill a book and, still, many big name choreographers, producers and directors are standing in line to work with him.

As a competitive dancer, SALAH has been victorious at many major events - UK B-Boy Championships & Juste Debout to name but a couple. He is also well versed in numerous street dance styles including popping, locking and breaking and freestyle.

He is the 'crowd loving' performer (and vice-versa) who's improvisation and unpredictability never fails to make an impact wherever he goes. His performances, whether on stage, in a club or a chance passing by on the street, are unforgettable experiences which have gone on to make him one of the most respected Hip Hop dance artists worldwide.

The physical, technical and emotional content of his performances clearly displays the years of training and self discovery, SALAH has an almost freakish ability to control every inch of his body which makes you question whether he is human or machine - but a machine with feelings.

SALAH's performances are often poetic as much as they are a physical feat. However, no matter what his approach, he always has the audience eating out the palm of his hand.

In short, SALAH has the special ability to make his audience enter another universe, make them believe they are travelling on the edge of reality seeing something they have never before seen and never thought possible.


  • Winner of Arab's Got Talent 2015
  • Cirque Du Soleil: Michael Jackson - The Immortal
  • Winner of Incroyable Talent
  • World Poppin Champion
  • Breakin Convention UK Tour 2009


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Salah BenlemqawanssaSalah BenlemqawanssaSalah BenlemqawanssaSalah Benlemqawanssa
Salah BenlemqawanssaSalah BenlemqawanssaSalah BenlemqawanssaSalah Benlemqawanssa

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